Red Inkworks – top 25 scripts

Scriptapalooza – semi-finalist

Austin Film Festival – second round (top 10%)



An idealistic FBI agent must decide whether to support his President or to risk his life in an attempt to restore real freedom to America.


“Maybe it’s time to declare the War on Terror over.”

It’s 2055, and FBI Agent LUCAS QUINN has just spoken his mind to President BLAIR SCHMIDT. Several years ago, the Bill of Rights was temporarily suspended to facilitate the capture of terrorists and to secure Middle Eastern oil.  But now, despite a lack of real terrorist attacks, Schmidt resists reinstating it because he wants to maintain his tight control of America until he has achieved his rather lofty goals. A few senators attempt to persuade their colleagues to impeach the President and restore the Bill of Rights, but one-by-one, these renegades disappear. Small bands of freedom fighters have formed to resist the government. But FBI Director JARED THANE strives to eliminate these traitors. And now, he has assigned Lucas to infiltrate one such group led by the charismatic chess player DANIEL O’KEEFE.

Lucas believes he is patriotic in his devotion to his job and the President, but Daniel has some compelling ideas about the Constitution and individual freedom. Lucas finds himself sympathizing with Daniel and his band of resistance fighters. He hides information from Jared, who grows increasingly suspicious. Jared presses Lucas for more information, allegedly so he can arrest Daniel and stop the violence. However, Lucas resists as he becomes more suspicious of Jared. Jared ups the ante when he murders a young freedom fighter Lucas has befriended. Then Jared kidnaps another freedom fighter, but somehow MARLEY ORENDA mysteriously escapes from the FBI. It is then that Lucas realizes not all government officials are on the same side. Lucas tries to help the resistance and find out what is behind Jared’s mysterious behavior, without blowing his own cover. Nothing he does seems to help. Then he discovers  Jared has his own plans to assassinate the President, take control of the country, and end any hope of democracy.

As Jared plans an attack on Daniel’s base, Lucas must decide where his loyalties lie and how far he will go to protect the America he loves. Just when it seems all is lost, Lucas chooses to sacrifice himself in order to kill Jared, setting in motion a series of events ending with a new President and a restored Bill of Rights.

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